where am i? pt.5: up rooting

In a few months, I’m moving back to the US with my British born wife.

As of writing this, I have lived in the UK for 8 continuous years, and nearly 10 collectively.

Ten years is a long time for someone who has only been aware of their own existence for about 25 (I’m turning 30 this year).

Not that there have been a lot of entries in this little expat series, but this one feels very strange to write.

I am so overwhelmed by everything this move involves that its daunting to try and write down my thoughts.

Do I start with my worries about how my wife will adjust to American culture? Whether the inevitable interest in her accent will become very annoying over time?

Or maybe the unsettling political climate in the US right now? Or even the actual climate, depending on what part of the US we move to because I don’t know where that will be because I do not yet have a job lined up. With that in mind, how long will it take me to find work? How long will it take her to find work? Can we afford any of this?

Unexpectedly on my mind, how will I adjust to the culture? Will anything be as I remember it? How will I handle it if I move somewhere I’ve never lived before? Will it be as difficult/easy as relocating to the UK?

How do you rent an apartment in the US? How do you buy a car?

What is it like feeling as though you’re a 21 year old fresh out of college in terms of real world knowledge but actually a 30 year old who should have his act together, or at least a credit card and a cell phone?

Will this experiment fail?

Spiraling…..bring it back.

‘The move’ have been an open idea between my wife and I for about 5 years, to the point where it’s become slightly like the boy who cried wolf. When we mentioned it to a few close friends they simply responded with, ‘You always say you’re moving’.

Well, the jokes on you guys cause now we we are!

Originally we wanted to spend a few years in the UK and then around the same amount in the US just so we could see what our lives would be like in both. Due to career opportunities and other little bits and bobs, a few years turned into eight and now we feel it’s now or never for what we want to accomplish.

So now it’s all happening and, at the same time, nothing’s happening.

I’ve talked endlessly about the seemingly endless process of US to UK immigration and now I can talk about it going the other way across the Atlantic.

As of writing this, we’re about 6 months into applying for Lizzi’s Green Card and have about another 1 month left before she can officially become a permanent resident of the US.

Figuring out how to achieve this, without any legal help, has been just as grey hair inducing as it was when I immigrated to the UK without using legal council; however, we are nearly there.

Right now, it’s trying to get as much prepared for the move as possible, while existing in a sort of floating between state.



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