tycho @ the trinity center 08.06.17

When my partner and I first met I was fresh off the boat from the good old US of A, in the UK for the very first time and confused my this ‘e-lec-tronic’ music all the kids were talking about. I won’t date myself with the year, but it was ‘a few years’ ago and at the time I did not like electronic music one bit. You name the sub-genre and my answer was the same.

Dub-step? A wonky no. Drum and bass? A panic induced no thanks. Grime? Just on the walls of my dorm room, thanks.

However, people’s tastes change and ever since my recent conversion visiting a friend in Berlin, I’ve been deep diving into the chillwave. In all honesty, any high BPM dance music still gives me a panic attack, but I’ve learned that there can be exceptions to everything.

For me Tycho is that exception.

Online and printed in the July Issue of BristolLive Magazine

What could easily been an evening of passive, ethereal crowd swaying sounded more like a cross between a bass driven DJ set and a rock concert. Language allows a songwriter to translate a track’s emotion into words, but sometimes shedding language benefits an artists like Tycho.

The tracks felt more malleable between recordings and the performance. As a result, watching Tycho perform tracks from their most recent album, Epoch, and 2014’s Awake was completely different to listening to the records. On the albums, the melodies feature synths, guitars and airy, electronic samples, but in the live set, the bass and percussion are emphasized, reverberating through the listener.




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