tycho preview for bristollive magazine

A few months ago I went to Berlin to catch up with an old friend and enjoy time in one of my favorite cities to visit. Every time I’m in Berlin, I always wish for an excuse to move there. Alas….

During this visit, I discovered Berlin Community Radio, which hosts an incredibly eclectic mix of music and talk shows.

One afternoon I lost a few hours day-dreaming and listening to a show that featured ambient and electronic hip-hop.

It was bliss.

And since then, I don’t think I’ve changed the station more than a handful of times.

Since awakening to this new genre of music, I picked up a recommendation from my ever avant-garde wife in the form of musician/artist, Tycho, whom I will be reviewing very shortly.

Excerpt for my preview below and Full preview on BristolLive 

While early albums are more ambient and airy, focusing on grand soundscapes, merging futuristic synth and tugging at your heartstrings, their most recent, 2016 album, Epoch, was released in the now common, surprise and unannounced format. Epoch quickly gained critical approval, culminating in a grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic album.

The album continues the pattern of Tycho’s thematic progression to be more up tempo and instrumental than its predecessors, Awake and Dive. While it still retains trippy, futuristic nostalgia ambience elements, Tycho slightly veer away from evoking the same grandiosity of previous albums and give way to music that’s more technical and dance influenced – testing their desire to create an engaging experience with a traditionally passive sound.


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