the menzingers @ bierkeller 21.04.17

I could have written a PhD thesis on The Menzinger’s most recent album and their live show.  I won’t spoil my article for you! But, it revolves around critics pigeonholing them as an over-thirty punck band and, in my opinion, totally disregarding their back catalog.

Although maybe my opinion’s biased because I’m rapidly closing in on thirty…..But maybe not!!!

Exerpt from the review below, whole article on BristolLive Magazine

The Menzingers whip their crowds into a beer swilled frenzy with lyrics of imminent nostalgia, shout along choruses and a blend of punk and rock guitar melodies that define evenings filled with dive bar sweat and hazy reminiscence, both for the band and the audience. On this occasion the band fondly recounted their previous Bristol shows, like a 2011 gig at the now closed venue, The Croft, during the infamous Tesco protests.

The assumption that their current age and situation defines their sound overlooks their previous records, especially the 2012 album, On the Impossible Past, considered one of the best rock records of that year. ‘The Obituaries’ felt like strange reflection on events in your life might not have the meaning you thought or that they didn’t even occur as you remember. Similarly, with ‘Good Things,’ the experiences of ‘[Taking] rides in your American muscle car’ and ‘[Feeling] American for once’ are brief and fleeting, but don’t make you nostalgic, just confused as to whether you’re supposed to be experiencing this maxim of culture.


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