where am i?: presidential edition – everyone’s talking about trump, so I might as well do it, too

I wrote this in February of 2016 just after Trump had all but clinched the Republican nomination. We all know what happened in the subsequent months so I won’t rehash it. From my own perspective it’s interesting to reread my thoughts on the, then, unthinkable outcome.

In the next couple of months I’ll revisit this again and try to make sense of how I feel about everything that’s come into being…..


(From Feb 2016) At this point in time, Donald Trump has won the South Carolina primary, thus solidifying him as the current leader for the Republican nomination for the 2016 election.

Reading the news that Mark Rubio and Ted Cruz are battling for second place behind Trump is surprising to say the least, but the fact that Jeb Bush dropped out is more interesting than anything else. Maybe it’s just his name that makes me think this, but I feel like this is the first real sign that the conventional Republican party followers are giving up and giving in to the deconstruction of their Grand Old values.

Both Bush and Trump have the bank roll to allow them to fight long into the night if things weren’t going there way because, in reality, the primary races are closer to financial endurance test than actually political contests. Political ads in every state, travel and an entourage that competes with DMX at his height. The sheer cost of trying to run for president, not even running, just trying to run, is outstanding.

Does Jeb Bush know something that we all don’t? Or does he know that, for him, it’s all over?

At the start of all of this, I really worried about an election that would pit the wife of a former president and the brother and son of former presidents against each other. It bothered me because if and when historians looked back on this era they would see the names of the US leaders and think that something was really wrong with the ‘democratic process’ we believed in.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton or Bush again?

This election outcome seemed like something out of a Monty Python sketch where the American people had no idea they even had a president, nor that they actually elected them. The names remained the same, as did their everyday lives, so why should the care?

In a lot of ways, this is exactly what is happening with Trump. People know the name and have no idea what he stands for, but to be fair, he doesn’t really know what he stands for at this point.

If he were elected, I wonder what would happen. Would the powers that be say, ‘The American people have the right to decide, until they don’t know how to decide properly and seriously.’

Like a child being told that he can pick what the family has for dinner and everyone ends up with chicken nuggets covered in maple syrup, but instead of just being for dinner, it’s for the next four years.

The same can be said about his appeal. He speaks to simple people who want a simple message about the government.

He says everything sucks and everyone agrees. He says he will change it and it will get better and everyone cheers.

He doesn’t say how, he just says that he will do something differently to what has been done in the past.

The American people’s inherent mistrust of the government fuels Trumps ability to excel in this setting. Most Americans hate the idea of paying any tax that they can’t directly see benefiting them and Trump ignores the how and why of what he will change in regards to health care and foreign policy, he’s just going to ‘make it better and fix it’

Like a child being told that he can pick what the family has for dinner and everyone ends up with chicken nuggets covered in maple syrup, but instead of just being for dinner, it’s for the next four years.

The all too puzzling saga of Trump worries me how the political climate effects Americans abroad, for the first time in eight years in.

Of course, I’m bringing this back to my life. All about me, baby.

There have already been a number of occasions where I’ve had to defend myself against the onslaught of comments like, ‘What’s wrong with your country?’ and ‘How can anyone take Trump seriously?’.

Not since the days of the Dubbya’s second term have I had to field questions like this. Being an American Expat has been paradise with Obama.

Normally, I just argue about why Hershey’s chocolate is ‘different’ to Cadbury’s and why, for some reason, some British people still find the way I talk strange, despite the fact that ‘Friends’ is still the most popular show on television here.

Sorry, that was a little too close to shots fired. I digress.

In truth, I don’t totally understand how or why Trump is winning, but I’m still keeping the attitude that there is no way on this Earth he will actually win the election in November, if he actually wins the nomination for the GOP.

All I can hope is that if he does win, it will sink the GOP so badly in the election that the Democrats will have the ability to make some real changes in the US and that the GOP will really need to evaluate their policies and move to a more populous centrist platform.


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