pity sex @ the louisiana 20.11.16

Fuzzed out, shoe gazers, Pity Sex, have a name that you can’t say in polite conversation.

I wrote a preview piece and took a few pictures of one of their final gigs before they announced their current hiatus. Unfortunately my review never took shape due to some issues with the venue but here’s a exert from my preview and some b&w photos.

With days drawing shorter and shorter each day, Pity Sex’s blend of second wave emo and alt-rock give you one last chance to reminisce about the feeling of sitting in the park on sweltering day with the sun and sweat in your eyes.

Their debut album, Feast of Love, is an apathetic journey through love and friends that feels raw and underproduced; while their recent, sophomore release, White Hot Moon, sounds more polished and more aggressive.

Playing off of the shimmering and fuzzed out guitars, vocalists Brennan Greaves and Britty Drake juxtapose each other in a sing-shout pattern that fdynaeels reminiscent of Rites of Spring. As Drake recently departed the group after a recent North American tour, it will be interesting to see how the bands performance evolves to this new mic.



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