matt and kim @ the fleece 07.04.16

Covering for BristolLive Magazine, got the chance to see the hyperactive Matt & Kim perform some of the pop-iest of indie rock. Would love another chance to see them in a bigger venue where they could really capture the energy of the crowd. Some snaps and a little sample from the review below…

Watching Matt & Kim perform is the sonic equivalent of what happens when eat way too many  Skittles. The immense rush, blinding colours and endless kinetic energy propels you and everyone around into a frenzy of hip-hop, dance, indie and a little bit of air horn.

Kim Schifino and Matt Johnson’s strength’s rest in their ability to incite excitement and before you wonder if you’ve heard this song before or whether or not it’s a cover, you thrown into the next relentless cheesy pop beat. While their style of DIY and genre spanning set is not as uncommon as it was when they first began performing along side their debut album in 2006, they take the stage and play each song with the demand that you will be entertained.


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