beach slang @ the exchange 01.02.17

First review with a new mag, BristolLive, and first gig of the new year.  This one was a lot of fun. I’m a big fan of the band, but I think anyone could have gone to this set and really appreciated the energy that they were giving off.  Short except and snaps below, follow the link for the full deal.

Their anthemic brand of punk rock is an addition and revitalisation to a genre that seems left behind by punk and indie rock. Droning and driving guitars strive for juxtaposition with the lyrical themes of something between timelessness and an extreme degree of self realisation and the present moment.

A band with charged guitar riffs, crashing drums, and emotive lyrics normally take the stage with an air of confidence and cool that washes over the crowd and creates a divide between the performers and the audience. It’s no coincidence that Beach Slang do everything to destroy this divide, the title of their record is evidence enough for this, but the energy and shout-along choruses in their live performance leave little doubt.


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