preview of beach slang for bristollive magazine

This is the first article I’ve had published with this outlet and I’m pretty excited about the prospect of writing for them in the future. When you’re lined up to write a review for them, they ask you to do a brief preview of the band. I’d never written anything like it before so it was definitely a challenge getting the words on the page, but I’m hoping they and who ever else reads it enjoys…

A little preview of the preview below, but full article here.

“Beach Slang incorporates elements from the old post-hardcore scene of the early 2000’s which members of the band inhabited, most notably lead singer and guitarist, James Alex, from the band Weston, and revitalises this sound. The result, a heavy, fuzz filled and fast paced pseudo post-hardcore and indie rock record that avoids the popular reductive label of ‘Emo Revival’.

Beach Slang give the impression that with this record they created something that directly reflects how they feel both with the bigger picture of their lives outside the band and an observation on the day to day minutia that so well defined the music scene they developed in during 2000 and 2001. This openness and honesty connects to the listeners and showcases why they have been making music that people have listened to for so long.”


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