optimistic goals for 2016

Things that I am going to do during the next 365 Days.

I am going to write at least 1,000 words a week.

I originally wanted to write 500 words a day, but I thought that this would never happen and after the first couple times of missing this mark I would start to roll them over to the point where I would need to write a novel every time I sat down.

It won’t always be blog posts. It might be reviews that I write for local magazines, therapeutic, stream of consciousness rants that will never see anything other than the notes section of my MacBook; regardless, I want to start writing with purpose and I believe that the habit of getting words on the page is the most important step to writing quality work.

I am going to run at least 2 races of 20k or farther.

This is something I did last year and really want to keep up. I work really intense hours right now and finding the time to run or work out has been really difficult, but I got in the habit of running on my lunch hour and this really improved my ability to run long distances.

So much so that I ran a half marathon last March and then a 20k in October.

This year I plan on running one in April and another in September.

I am going to start waking up early 

This is the most important resolution of the new year for me.

As mentioned in the running resolution, I work long hours and haven’t been able to really work out like I would like to. As a result it causes me some anxiety because I feel like I never have enough time to do anything. That being said, I often wake up and go straight to work.

This is no longer acceptable because after a few trial runs I realise that I can accomplish a lot in just a few hours before work, whether it be working out, starting on my goal of 1,000 words a week or just having breakfast at my house with my partner and not at my desk.

While exercising is the best thing for me physically, I think this will be the best thing for me mentally.

Other stuff I will do this year, but don’t see it as too life changing

  •  Read more.

I love reading during my lunch breaks but I stopped doing this cause of my running, so now that I’m going to do this in the mornings I want to start taking advantage of my free lunches.

  •  Track the culture that I am consuming.

There is a lot of crap out there and I want to make sure that I am watching, listening and reading things that are challenging as well as pleasurable. I’ve started a couple of notes on my phone just to jot down musical discoveries, movies and TV watch and general ideas for day trips.


This is a lot of stuff to do, but nothing that I don’t already do. I’m just changing the order and the way I do things….yeah…nothing too major.


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