i was alive in 2015 so i watched, listened and read stuff

Like always, it is time for me to list all the things that I enjoyed last year, a couple of weeks after everyone else does. And I also list a lot of stuff that may or may not have come out this year, but simply had an impact on my during the past 365 spins of the Earth.

Stuff I listened to…

Hop Along – Powerful Man

Starting with my topic single of the year, I don’t think I have ever had a song stuck in my head as long as this one. I still sing and hum it on a regular basis and no matter how much I try to convince my self that I am in the mood for something else, I always give this a spin first before exploring what ever it was I had in mind.

Sports – Tiny Planets

The simplicity of this band makes me really happy.

That right there, is the understatement of the year. SPORTS’ tagline on their band camp is Friends First. Band Second. and true to that, they are a little band from Columbus, Ohio that plays when they can and records when they feel like it.

While I would love them to tour and record non-stop. I admire the fact that there band does produce authentic pop-punk, post hardcore sounds in the most organic way possible.

Bully – Trying

Bully’s album is hands down my album of the year. When I first heard them on the NPR Austin 100 list that’s released to preview SXSW every year. I looked up everything I could about the band and was devastated to find that they only had an EP out and I had to wait a couple of months before their debut full length came out.

Like Hop Along, Bully is raw, stripped back rock that harkens back to grunge but with more modern, chugging grooves


Title Fight – Murder You Memory

I listened to this album in its entirety more than any other which is awesome because I don’t think anyone doesn’t that enough in today’s age of singles and GIFs. I still love really prog-tactic, 10 minute songs and getting totally lost in an album, waiting for the 30 seconds where everything you have been listen to comes together in a chaotic mess of guitars and crashing drums and this album gave me something new to get excited about

Carly Rae Jepsen

You can judge me all you want but this album is awesome.

Someone sat down and said, I want to write an album that is like Prince and Janet Jackson made an album in 2015. That someone was Carly Rae.

A last side note, 2015 was the 10th Anniversary of the album, Juturna, by Circa Survive, who defined my college years. That album meant a lot to me and getting to see them this year was one of the coolest things that happened

Stuff I watched…

I watched a lot of movies and TV this year. I don’t think it was any more than what I normally do, but I tried to take more notes on what it was I was watching.

I don’t want to go too deep into anything but here are two of my favourites:

Mr Robot, The Knick

I’m sure I’ll read this over in a day and add more but enjoy and Happy New Circumnavigation of the Sun!



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