music video for ziegler co.

One time when I was strolling down the internet, I came across a music video by a group called NoNoNo for their song ‘Like the Wind’.

And I really, really liked it.

Back in the olde tymes, between the years 1990 and 2005, the internet was still in its infancy and the record industry would spend Marvel movie budgets on videos. While we did get some pretty amazing videos, this financial model for music video production and record sales is, more than likely, a little outdated and wasteful. Then again if Will Smith ever wants to make Big Willie Style II: Bigger Willie, I will personally fund the entire thing. Hit me up, Will.

I digress.

I find something entrancing about the simple black and white studio/recording sessions, as if you’ve stripped everything away except the band and their creation process. In some way, it’s the closest thing you can get to a physical representation of a recording.

After a couple of run throughs of the NoNoNo track, I thought, ‘I want to make a video like this’.

So I did.

However, it wasn’t as simple as that. Obviously, I needed a band, a song and a studio. Luckily, my good friends of the band, Ziegler Co., were recording a couple of tracks for an upcoming album and I asked them if they would mind me wandering around the studio and pointing a camera at them.

They agreed and a little while later, the video was made! Again, not that simple, but you get the idea.


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