sage francis @ the fleece 13.01.15

For me, this was a really special show. I’ve listened to Sage Francis since early on in my high school days, wearing out the proverbial grooves of ‘Crack Pipes’ and ‘Broken Wings’ off of Personal Journals with countless play. Take a look and see what you think as well…

The momentum of the gig embed and flowed like Francis’ meter on his spoken word movements, which were peppered through out the gig. His ability to control the tempo his punctuation and syntax emphasised that he is a spoken word poet first and a rapper second.

As he performed in front of the near sell out crow, shrouded in a make shift cape comprised of a flag dawning his label’s logo, Strange Famous Records, he emoted raw lines about the harsh realities of the world, but with words that made even the heaviest topic roll off the tongue.

A literate lyricist, Francis covered gender inequality, freedom of speech and even took time to poke fun at himself by acknowledging his self importance with the line, ‘A girl texted me once, ‘You’re full of yourself’, / I never wrote back, but this song was my reply’



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