a decent into fleeced madness

So one of the reasons that my writings slowed to a near halt in 2014 came from the fact that my life became very, very dedicated to an animated sheep named Shaun.

I started working on this feature as a runner doing all of the normal runner duties, getting this, getting that, cleaning up etc.

But, luckily I was able to move into a production assistant role a midway through production.

One of my early tasks was to watch EVERY EPISODE of the animated series in order to catalogue sets, characters, plot devices and a myriad of other things.

There are over 100 six minute episodes across the 4 seasons.

At first I thought, ‘I have the best job in the world. I’m going to watch TV all day!!!’

The harsh reality of watching a children’s program all day is that you are watching a children’s program ALL DAY.

Here are some of my thoughts during this task along the journey:

  • This is great, I can’t wait to watch all of these episodes. I’m going to try and learn as much as possible about the series and the animation of the characters. When you think about it, this is a really difficult character to animate. He can only really smile as far as facial expression. Homie’s got NO EYEBROWS!
  • How old are all of these sheep in ‘sheep years’? Is there such a thing as sheep years? I imagine that Timmy (the baby of the flock) is going to have a really interesting up bringing, but ultimately give him a really strange concept of family dynamics.
  • The Farmer…. what is up with this guy? Did he make it rich in oil futures or the spike in gold prices? Maybe a dotcom era millionaire? All I can tell is that he sucks at farming. He just has the same dozen or so sheep and FARMS NOTHING. HE’S NOT A REAL FARMER. Regardless, what is he doing to make money?
  • Why are the sheep so concerned about being caught running around on two legs? NO ONE QUESTIONS THAT BITZER WEARS A HAT, A WATCH AND CARRIES A CLIPBOARD! HE’S A DOG!
  • So this Farmer. How is he a person? In about a dozen episodes he’s bought some really expensive piece of equipment and destroyed it instantly. This man is terrible with money and personal responsibility.
  • My favorite episode is The Genie in season 4, but I’m wondering if the Sheep Genie only appears to the sheep as a sheep as to not scare them off.  Perhaps he would appear as a human if a human discovered him.

That was only brief glimpse into the rabbit hole I fell down, but I assure you there are countless pages of text and I’ve managed to only recently recover.


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