am i still a ska kid?

A short excerpt from my review of the Reel Big Fish and Less than Jake show at the O2 Academy in Bristol. For the full review in Bristol247.

As they walk out on stage, the crowd roars and double checks the laces for their Converses and make sure that all of their checkerboards are proudly on display.

Reel Big Fish

The atmosphere is fitting for an annual gathering. Members of the audience murmur about how many times they’ve seen each of the bands, highlighting the first and best performance they were fortunate enough to witness. For some, a Reading or a Leeds festival years ago, and others a recent concert showcasing the marathon-like sets of the veteran Ska-punks.

Between the two of them, Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake, have more than 15 studio albums, with Less Than Jake currently touring on their ninth release, ‘See the Light’, which was released last November. These godfathers of Ska-punk are now the last bastion of a niche genre, which posseses some of the most loyal and intense followers of any scene.


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