totes from less than jake and reel big fish

Here are the unedited notes from watching Less than Jake and Reel Big Fish perform a few nights ago at the Bristol O2 Academy. They read like a series of really bad tweets, but I guess that’s what Twitter/notes are, a series of unedited thoughts.

 It was really interesting to watch these two band, who have long been some of my favourites from a pseudo-objective standpoint.  Link to the live review will follow shortly…

Less than Jake

Going to try watching from near the back. I don’t I’ve ever just watched a Ska gig.

Less Than Jake’s stage talk feels scripted, or at least that they aren’t sure if the used the jokes before.

They’ve been doing it a long time.

A big song sing along. The crowd made a lot of the gig as good as it was.

20 mins in and not a song from their new album.

Older songs felt like sing a longs the most.

First time I haven’t felt anything with ska music. Might be my actual mood. They Keep talking about the intensity.

Brought up two people on stage They’ve done this spontaneity before.

First song from new record, ‘my money’s on the long shot.’

Self deprecating ska (ltj) versus…. (Finish witty comment when RBF finish)

Every music video in the 00s should have been a live footage of a ska gig. Or at least could have been. Not a bad thing either.

Crowd members ushered off stage. pretty funny considering how orderly this happened. This spontaneity has definitely happened before.

Back to the old stuff cause, they get it. The farther we get away from Skas third wave and 00s golden age, the more they feel scripted.

Every song sounds exactly the way you want it to. Their just live enough to sound unique.

Trombonist with a knee brace. Also funny.

Sold out UK tour. It’s deserved. Despite all my sarcasm. This is pretty amazing considering the longevity of these tracks. They all hold up so well.

All of decent about new record. Shouts of play the old stuff. Harsh stuff, Bristol.

It sounds just as good, or just like, the other hits. Something to believe in. They just came out 6 years after the ones you already heard.

When Chris asks about dating a shitty person and plays Jen doesn’t like me any more. Roger says that person I remember them. I feel like neither actually does because it was over ten years ago when that song came out.

Confetti canon?!

Lead singer just said he rented Mr Wolfs out tonight for an after party for £400. That’s insane on so many levels. I feel like they really are the parents of ska music trying too hard to party with their kids who have moved on.

Said they were done about 3 songs ago. They won’t leave…. I get it now.

This is the platonic form of a Ska show.

Make that 4.

I wish 16 year old me could see this very show. It would blow his mind. I wish I could re watch one of those old shows too.

And song number 5 in the encore will finish them off.

General observations.
Dude in the Starter brand hoodie just made my night

I feel like a lot of people at this type of gig get dressed up in the same way people get dressed for the homecoming football game.

Reel Big Fish

Moving into the crowd now.

First observation is that there are slot of mics on stage. It looks like a Motown band is about to come out.

Not sure why this strikes me considering I wet to over 100 ska gigs in high school. Retrospective is funny.

I wonder who will reign supreme in terms of the band that embodies ‘Ska’.

Never mind. The fish just instantly won with their ‘uniform’ and opening with Everything Sucks. Case closed.

Oh my word, they are so much more fun than less than jake.

‘Here’s a new song’ joke was very funny.

‘Everyone Else is an Asshole’ is a ska song by someone in their late 20s/ early 30s. They used to write happy songs but now hate everyone

Not sure if it is planned by they sound so much better than less than jake.

They’re so much happier! Much more of a vibrant sound.

25 mins in and now I’m waiting for something different.

RBF songs about break ups are funnier than LTJ’s songs about break ups. I’m not sure if that makes them better, more truthful/valid or better for ska gigs

Imperial March. There it is. That’s what I was waiting for. It’s not a ska gig unless there’s a cover of something pop culture related.

RBF is THE ska band of all 3rd wave ska bands (After 1995)

I can see why I loved ska in high school. I had great taste in niche markets. Go me! *self high five*


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