re-learning everything, or at least how to play the guitar at a mediocre level

Playing catch up with trying to learn new music is like fighting an up hill battle.  I haven’t really played the guitar in over a year, and that’s being generous. Now I’m trying to learn at least one song a week this year and its already the fifth week.

The first two are close to being ‘under my belt’ and this one is a little more difficult than those (for me!).

Tigers Jaw – Distress Signal

The most frustrating thing about this, so far, is the fact that I KNOW how to play the guitar, I just can’t play the guitar as well as I used to.

Instead of going back into theory and scales, I’m trying to re-learn how to play the way that I wanted to initially learn the instrument.

My first guitar teacher is one of the best musicians I have ever met. He made the guitar sound like a technical masterpiece and all I wanted to do is know the instrument in the way he did.  The problem was I was 16 at the time and all I wanted to do was learn how to play the Green Day discography, which appalled him.

I envied a lot of my friends who learned with pseudo-instructors, teaching them how to play the guitar through tabs and training their ears through playing their favourite tunes.

As I start listening to music again with a critical ear and the ear of a musicians, I really appreciate and understand why Mr. Pytell taught me the way he did. I’m not just mimicking the sounds I’m hear, but understanding the songs themselves and the skill of song writing.



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