the story so far @ the fleece, bristol 03.11.13

Another review for Bristol247


On stage at the sold out Fleece , ripping through an hour long set with a mechanical precision, The Story So Far are conductors to their fervourous fans.

The Story So Far are part of the recent wave of emo rockers that play fast and heavy verses with yell-along choruses. During the whole set the audience and the band perform together, even though a few audience members take this a little too far and stage-dive one too many times.

TSSF’s back catalog features a nice dynamic between fast past punk tracks, heavy songs with more droning and distortion and even some lighter acoustic tracks, but tonight, at The Fleece, they have one speed and one tone. One song after another lead singer, Parker Cannon, thanks the crowd, sips his water and yells, hands the mic to the crowd and pushes a few on stage invaders. The rest of the band mouth the lyrics and thrash on stage trying to get more from their instruments and on songs like ‘Things I Can’t See’ and ‘Clairvoyant’ they do, and they still do not slow down.

the story so far

In some ways it’s as if the performance is a new take on each song, melding them into one, but the constant driving pace feels like the emotion that is meant to be infused in each lyric and chord is absent. At one point it becomes apparent how young the band is and their eagerness to fit every song in both brings character to the performance and takes it away.

Cannon singing in a staccato fashion, handing the microphone out for the audience to latch on to and, in a way, acting as his own hype-man brought the band back from their trance like performance for the final song and encore.

Nearing the end of both a North American and European tour, TSSF mentioned that they were definitely feeling the affects of the long road journey. In some ways the performance felt like it, but the core energy that many of the fans were their to see in the band’s performance was shining through the fatigue.


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