chelsea light moving @ the fleece 01.07.13


Finally getting to see Thurston Moore perform with Chelsea Light Moving

And an excerpt from my review in Bristol 24/7

Since splitting with Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore experimented with a stripped down solo album and now looks back to his earlier days with Sonic Youth to create the more accessible noise rock, hardcore collaboration in Chelsea Light Moving.

The billing for the performance was listed as ‘Thurston Moore’s Chelsea Light Moving’, an obvious marketing effort, but a more subtle hint towards the theatrical persona that Moore takes on during each set.

Case and point, he declared that he was thirsty prior to the encore and asked for a double espresso macchiato in a dank and sweaty room.

A legend in his own right, former Sonic Youth vocalist and guitarist, Moore and Chelsea Light Moving’s performance on Monday night at the Fleece filled the venue with an ethereal atmosphere of the early nineties and late eighties when Sonic Youth first defined the noise rock and alternative movement in the US…


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