28 vegan days later

Another update on my journey into the world of fruits, vegetables and dairy alternatives.

With almost a month of vegan-ism down and only 2 and a half weeks left I have to admit my thoughts on going back to my normal diet are a little strange. When I started the only thing I could think about when I got hungry was walking into the first burger restaurant I could find and ending the zombie like craving for animal based proteins and amino acids.

Now, however, I feel much more in tune with what my body wants and actually enjoy the feeling of hunger.  Not in the sense of being hungry, rather the nice empty and light feeling when my body starts to say, ‘Hey, eat something’.

Though I have lost a bit of weight getting adjusted to the diet, and those that know me know I can’t really afford to lose too much, I have leveled off and realized that I need to eat a snack every once in a while to keep me going.

The most amazing thing about this experiment is what I have learned about the biology of the human body.

I like to go back to the example of running and working out because the original inspiration for this challenge was an article I read  in the New York Times about vegan body builders.  At first my work out stayed the same and I felt great.  I was light on my feet and felt like I could run for days.

Then the regularity of my work outs dipped slightly because of the flu and recovery took longer than I expected.  Now I am back fighting shape and working out and running regularly.

Although something has changed in how I feel afterwards and as a result I take one extra day off a week because of soreness.

I am just as strong as I was when I ate meat regularly, but just feel a little weaker when I am resting.

My body cannot recover as fast as it did when I was eating meat and dairy, but it does recover to the same level given a little extra time.

Another crazy thing that I noticed is that my body temperature is hotter than normal.

I read that a vegan diet can increase a person’s metabolism because the body needs to use more food to get the same results, exactly why I need an extra day of rest and extra food when I work out. Because of this I feel like I am actually ‘burning more fuel’ and as a result heating up.

This might be all in my head but I am pretty sure that it’s the case that I’ve been waking up in the night and feeling like I am on fire when the temperature is pretty cold.

With only a few weeks left, I get ready to create a new diet for myself, or maybe keep the one I’m on (?!), and prepare for a new 30 day challenge which may or may not involve food.

Stay tuned for the final few vegan updates and news on my next curiosity driven endeavour.


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