vegan you say?

In one week I will be vegan.

No meat, no diary, no animal products.

Not for any ethical or dietary reason, just because, ‘why not?’.

I won’t be vegan forever, just for Lent (I’m not particularly religious, it just seemed like a good start and stop date for this little experiment).

After I thought about all the foods that I cannot eat, I thought about all the lovely ones that I will discover, due to the fact that there will be a serious lack of protein in my diet.

The only food that I find paradoxical in the vegan world is honey.  I’m not a huge honey fan but I just think that bees like to make honey and will do so no matter what.  We don’t breed them for it like cows for their milk.  They simply do it because it is in their nature to do it.  Either way I will discard it for the next month and a half.

I started to tell people about 3 weeks ago that I was going to try the vegan diet, so if I backed out I would look fickle and it’s worked in that I am more determined to adopt the diet and stick to it.

The only question I can’t answer when I tell people is, ‘Why?’.

I honestly do not have an answer for it other than a shoulder shrug and ‘I thought it might be funny.’

However, the reason for this lifestyle experiment has flushed itself out in the past few weeks as I prepare for a vegetable driven palate.  Since starting to tell people I have started cooking a lot more, with ingredients I never thought to use or try.

Perhaps the vegan diet is the gateway diet to all of the other ones.

Stay tuned for updates…


One thought on “vegan you say?

  1. Hey man!!! I’m gonna do all I can to encourage both you and Lizzy to keep this up, because, yeah, I think it’s a great idea to expand horizons in as many ways as possible, no matter what the reason, and sometimes, as here,with no real reason at all, and what started as a joke and some banter is leading to hitherto unexpected and unknown culinary delights for you, which is most bosh!!! Good luck sir!!

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