2011 sounds like that

End of year lists are in. Not just ‘in’ as in ‘submitted’ but ‘cooler than bein’ ice cold’ in.

I’m not really sure why, but this is the first year that doesn’t actually feel like it’s coming to an end. Most of the year I was listening and rediscovering some old favorites, but here are a few noobs that stood out to me.  They might not be the year’s “best”, but I found them to be the most played in my ears.

The sounds of this year for me were as varied as the days themselves.

Winter Months:

City and Colour – Little Hell

This didn’t come out until the summer, but I discovered Dallas Green’s previous albums one rainy day in January and was taken away by them. I started listening and learning every song I could and then relearning them once the new album came out. Perfect for a cold winter night and a cup of tea.

Summer Time:

Yuck -Self-titled

During the summer the single ‘Get Away’ reunited me with 90’s childhood and listening to the endless amp death of Sonic Youth, without all of that pretension and distortion.  Listening to this album on a hot summer afternoon feels like melting into the side walk.

Fall and Twilight of 2011:

Odd Future – Bastard

Not sure if I should but a link to this one (have a listen and you’ll see why) but Tyler. The Creator is one of the best lyricists around right now and the Odd Future crew in general will be churning out albums in the next few years that will resonate in our airwaves for quite sometime.

Not recent but still resonant, back in the day picks:

Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde: Early 2011 saw the latter half of my Dylan discovery

Best Coast – Crazy for You: My carry over album from 2010

Saves the Day – Stay What You Are: I hadn’t heard this in a dogs age and once I dusted off that jewel case it was on repeat for weeks

Deep down I’m really excited for 2012, if only for the fact that it is finally the year that the biggest and baddest of all conspiracy theory dates occurs, December 21st 2012, when the Mayan short cycle calander ends and the only survivors from a massive galactic re-alignment (not true despite thousands of websites telling you otherwise) and polar shift (also not true) will be Jon Cusack and his family (reference to less than stellar disaster movie).

See you on the flip side.


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