My Friend Big D

I can trace most of the events in my life through what music I was listening to at the time. Getting my license and driving my first car (No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom), moving into my first apartment with my wife (Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited), etc.

However, like there was no time before the Big Bang, there was no music before Big D.

Sure, I listened to music casually, learned lyrics so I could be cool and learned pop culture facts through MTV in middle school (all of this stems from a traumatic experience when I didn’t know the lyrics to a Goo Goo Dolls song), but I didn’t live through music until I listened to Big D and the Kids Table.

Those skankin’ beats, crazy dance moves and lyrics I could finally relate to.  At this point in my life I was a freshmen in high school and all I wanted was to hang out with my friends, goof around and listen to music and that’s what Big D wanted to do too.

As I got older so did Big D and their album How it Goes seemed to find me when I was a bit lost and need someone to tell me ‘this is how life goes sometimes, but you know what? It’ll be ok.’

While my record rotation has seen days filled with the old boys and some with only a few, they have always been the first band that I truly loved.

Recently I saw the band preform and it was everything I remembered and wanted it to be.

They played songs from every record and hadn’t lost a bit of enthusiasm since I last skanked along with them.

A few days later I went on there website and read that lead singer, Dave McWane, was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and they had to cancel the remained of the tour and he had to go in for treatment.

The band issued a statment saying that Dave is doing well and thanked the fans for their support and how to help out if they wanted to.

There are T-Shirts being sold to help with Dave’s mounting bills and to aid cancer research

and the band is also accepting donations

I’ll be buying my shirt and wearing it proudly for all the times they helped me.


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