The Visual Orchestra

In pop music the music video has taken a dramatic downturn in recent years.  During the 90’s and 00’s, the music video was the ultimate statement for a band, no matter how big or small they were.

Telling an understandable, but abstract story in 5 minutes or less; that is the challenge and art of the music video that feels lost in an age where the awards show for music videos gives much credit to artists how just stare at the camera and gyrate.

I started listening to Manchester Orchestra a few years ago when their album, Mean Everything to Nothing, was released and enjoyed playing the record from time to time.  The first time I heard ‘Simple Math’ was when I first saw the video for it as well and I was blown away.

Independently of one another, the song and the video each invoke and emote something to viewer and listener.  The rich emotional dynamic is intense, even if brief because of the music video medium.  Watch and listen and see for yourselves.


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